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“Helen is a very good teacher, and understands that everyone learns in different ways.”  (ZS, 2012)


“I am very happy with the support that I have been given.  It has helped me to develop my maths skills, and has increased my confidence when working out calculations, giving me clear structure and guidance – thank you Helen!”  (CL, 2012)


“I liked the use of colours and pictures which really help me to remember things.  I am now feeling more confident about the mental maths element of next week's test.”  (MR, 2012)


“Helen always encouraged me to ask/explain so that she could understand my way of thinking and show me ways that I could relate to.”  (HS, 2012)


“I thought you would be interested to know that my Maths qualification has helped me to get a new job. Thanks again for your help.”   (JT, 2012)


“Wish I’d had a maths teacher like this when I was at school.”  (LW, 2012)


“I liked that I could learn better here than when I was at school.”  (KB, 2012)


“Thank you Helen for your patience and for breaking down and simplifying all areas of maths.”  (RH, 2011)


“Thanks Helen - it’s been good to build confidence in my maths ability.”  (JB, 2011)


“Thank you so much – I’ve always hated maths but now I don’t!”  (SM, 2011)


“Lots of support, well-managed sessions, great teacher – thank you Helen, your patience is much appreciated.”  (JB, 2011)


“Helen Kings was a brilliant tutor – explained everything thoroughly, nothing was too much trouble especially if I didn’t understand.”  (VB, 2011)


“Thanks for all your help.  You are a great teacher, and I have learnt so much more than I ever learnt at school.”  (GM, 2011)


“Just thought you might like to know that I went on to college – just wanted to say a big thank you – if it wasn’t for having a great teacher like you, I would never have done it!”  (AT, 2011)